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    Willow Creek Real Estate

    Approximate Association Dues: None

    Schools: Richland / Yarbrough / Auburn City Schools

    Distance to Downtown Auburn: 10 minutes

    Year Homes Built: Early 1990’s – Mid 2000’s

    Neighborhood Amenities: Outdoor Pool, Lake

    Current Listings in Subdivisions: CLICK HERE

    Neighborhood Restrictions and Covenants: Willow Creek HOA

    Reviews on Zillow


    “Evan was always there when we called him and not only do you get a real estate agent you get a lifelong friend. Evan is very professional and will do … more
    by davidg86


    “We could not have asked for a better realtor! Evan was awesome!! He made us feel comfortable, was very knowledgable and spent countless hours finding … more
    by user22770298