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Why Isn’t My House Selling?!

So you’ve put your house out on the market, but nothing is happening: no showings and no purchase offer has been given. I’ve seen it before, a beautiful house, a lovely location, and a good school district, but no dice. For some reason your house isn’t selling and here is the kicker, other houses in your area are. We’ve isolated a few good reasons to answer the age old question in real estate “Why isn’t my house selling?” Be it the pricing, the location, or the people helping you, we’ve dedicated this entire blog to help our future clients see why Crawford-Willis Group is the right group for your selling slump!

Let’s talk about money, it’s not everyone’s favorite subject but it’s an important one nonetheless. Where people tend to go wrong in the beginning is by pricing the value of their property too high for the area that they’re located in. It makes sense though, an agent quotes you on a price and you think “Sure, I’d love to get that much for my place!” but the problem usually is that the original price that’s given isn’t even in the ball park of what the other houses in your area are going for. So, your house gets overlooked and eventually comes off the market due to frustration and leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth for real estate agents everywhere. I’m guilty of this as well, but since I’ve started working here I’ve seen the dedication and drive that both these men have for this subject! The Crawford-Willis Group hopes to eradicate that bad taste left from other real estate agents, leaving you with a smile and money in your pocket.

Next up we’ve got location. I’ve been waiting to use this phrase since I decided to come up with this weeks blog topic “Location, location, location, it’s all about the loooocation!” There’s been some debate on who coined this phrase but whoever the person was they were one hundred percent right, location is important. An example of this would be school districts; this would be for expecting parents or couples who already have started their own little family. They’re going to want a good school system to send their children to and it’s usually one of the first things people look at when browsing for homes. If your location doesn’t have a proper school district-Auburn and Opelika schools excluded because they’re fabulous-focus on the other positive things about the area, i.e. local parks, shopping, eating, bigger cities nearby.

Speaking of agent, that’s another reason why your lovely little abode could possibly not be selling. Not that you haven’t done your research and picked the best REALTOR in your area-cough Crawford-Willis Group cough-but they may just have a bunch on their plate right now and can’t give your home the attention that it deserves. We’ve all been guilty of stretching ourselves a little too thin at one point in our lives, why should REALTORS be any different? Ask them what they’re carrying on their plates, it’s your home and you have a right to know if the job can be done or if both or your times will be wasted. That’s why at Crawford-Willis Group one person is in charge of buyers while the other is in charge of sellers, granted they are a team and communicate accordingly, but this process has worked very well for them and their past clients, leaving everyone happy!

We’re almost done y’all, just two more topics to go! These next two should be pretty self-explanatory and won’t take up much of your time, pictures and upgrades. We’ve all felt like a version Marty McFky sitting in the DeLorean going back in time by walking into an open house. Usually our first thought goes straight to the appliances and when was the last time they’ve been upgraded, it’s safe to say that making sure the basics are always covered when you’re looking to sell your home goes without saying.

Last, but certainly not least, pictures. Pictures are the first impression that potential buyers have of your house so it’s important to make sure that they’re good quality and cover the basics while still leaving the buyer wanting for more. You don’t want to have a bunch of pictures, practically giving the buyer a virtual tour of your home, because you want them to be physically present in the house, that’s how they get “the feeling”. The feeling is essentially just that, a feeling. It’s the feeling you get when something just clicks, it just feels “right” and you can’t have that feeling unless you get potential buyers into your house and show it off! The same can be said for too few pictures, not having enough might lead the potential buyer to believe that that’s all your house has to offer and that they’ve decided that they like the house down the street better. It’s all about balance and the Crawford-Willis Group can help you achieve that perfect balance!

Thanks again for joining us and reading this week’s blog, check back in with us later this week for another one! Until then, cheers readers!

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