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    Welcome to my House…Party?

    Everybody loves a good party, am I right? Cake, cookies, presents, and pin the tail on the donkey. Wait, that’s birthday parties and NOT the type of parties I’m talking about in this week’s blog. You’re probably wondering what type of parties relators have, because I know when I think of parties relators don’t really come to mind. Well, the C/W Group is about to change that schema! So this week’s blog is about what to bring to your friend’s new house warming party as well as what the C/W Group can do for you and your desire to have one of these parties to break in your new home.

    I’m going to start off by that a good bottle of wine is ALWAYS an acceptable gift…either that or a really nice cheese platter, the cheese can be optional; but highly recommended. Besides the other typical run on the mill gifts that friends can bring, this blog goes into a little detail about other types of gifts that people not even think to bring -but will be highly appreciated!

    First up we’ve got our least creative but still very interesting gift, an outside water hose for your garden or other outdoor needs. Think about it, do you know if your new home comes with a watering hose on day one? I sure didn’t think about it until my parents bought their current house and my dad mentioned that they needed to get a new hose because they threw away their old one. Boom, still a thoughtful and creative gift and a guarantee people will remember you by it. On two gift number two, a ‘cute’ fridge freshener. I actually had to do some research on this one for what signified as a ‘cute’ fridge freshener, also say that phrase five times fast; it’s a tongue twister! Again, think about it, I would much rather look at something a little more put together then an open box of baking soda in my fridge, there are tons of these ‘cute’…yes cute, fridge fresheners. Third times the charm, am I right? It just might be with this little gift, a home maintenance journal! What in the world would I do with that you ask? It’s a nifty little journal that you can log in all the maintenance you do on your house appliances, as well as keep any receipts or information on them and all within a stylish little book. So when you’re thinking of gift ideas for a friend’s new house party, think a little outside the box and try out one of these!

    Want one of these gifts to make an appearance to your house warming party? Work with our marketing manager Marissa McKee for your house warming party needs. While we don’t provide the gifts, we are more then happy to help with the drinks, food, and utensils. Please get in contact with her once you’ve purchased your lovely home through us at the C/W Group. We look forward to working with you and who knows, your friends may read this and get gift ideas! Please feel free to check out our website, facebook, or instagram for more updated information on what were accomplishing here at the C/W Group at Keller Williams! Cheers readers!


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