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    Real Estate Myths: DEBUNKED


    Hello everyone, the week is almost done but don’t worry we at Crawford Willis Group haven’t forgotten about our readers! Big things are happening at the business, as we’re getting ready to start things off with a bang next year. During the winter months is usually slow for the real estate business but not for us, we’re constantly trying to make ourselves better for next year! So on this weeks blog I’m debunking some real estate myths! From pricing your home to thinking you can save more money and other expenses by selling your house yourself. Let’s begin!

    First off, selling a house can be difficult, who better to know this then people in the real estate business. That’s a rhetorical question; of course they know better, it’s their job! While some people do successfully sell their homes on their own, it’s better off if you have an agent be your middle man because there’s just so much more that goes into it than the average person knows. Everything from having the skill to get the home listed online, marketing the house to prospective buyers, negotiating the contract and then dealing with any issues that may come up, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s usually best to work with someone know knows the field and can help you navigate uncharted waters.

    Another myth that people tend to believe is that if you set your price higher than what you expect to get. How many people do you know who believed this myth, the number might surprise you. The truth is, if you price your house higher then what the market is going for that house is going to be sitting there for a while and will have some price decreases along with it. This is why you need an agent; they know the market and other markets in the surrounding area and can accurately get you in the range of what your house would be worth. It’s not supposed to be an insult to you, we know you’ve worked hard on home improvement projects and “honey do lists”. But the fact of the matter is, if the price isn’t right you’re not going to be getting may nibbles on it.

    Speaking of nibbles, let’s talk about open houses for a second. In a previous blog of mine I mentioned how important open houses were for someone selling their home. Well another real estate myth is that if you have a ton of open houses then your house is going to sell. Like one of my professors use to say, “correlation does not lead to causation.” While open houses are a key aspect in selling your home, it’s not the only thing that needs to happen and real estate agents know the ins and outs of this market and what will work best for you.

    I’ll leave y’all with just a little bit of advice, you can take it or leave it here if you’d like. I’ve worked at Crawford Willis Group for a little while and I’m constantly using this word to describe them both; passion. They’re passionate about this town and the community within it. These guys are just a bunch of “good ole boys” who wouldn’t know a stranger if they walked up to them, they’re just that amazing and it’s wonderful working for them. I’ve seen them talk to people of all ages and they can relate to them and find a connection towards that person in a snap. Crawford Willis Group is a wonderful business and has an amazing team behind it; we hope to see you soon!

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