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Home Renovation/Organization Made E.A.S.Y

Buying a home can be exciting but also stressful. Many homebuyers often can’t afford the “home of their dreams” so most of the time renovations/projects are required. At first, you are probably thinking that is the last thing you want to tackle considering you are exhausted from moving and just spent your life savings on this home, however, this shouldn’t be the case! Projects CAN be simple and inexpensive! That’s right! There are a number of inexpensive do-it yourself projects that can give your home a whole new look.

Decluttering and cleaning are always a simple and easy way to freshen up the look and feel of your home without any cost but your time. Simply swapping out throw pillows and other form of accessories such as art can bring your living quarters to life. You can also change your bedspreads, towels, shower curtains and window treatments can make a big impact with minimal time investment.

Below are some easy weekend projects without breaking the bank . . . 

1. Adding a fresh coat of paint

This is a simple home renovation project that gives you the greatest return. Unless you are selling your home, your color possibilities are endless. Perhaps a bold color in the dining room or an accent wall in the kid’s playroom. Or, if you are staying on-trend, choosing a warm neutral color will last a lifetime!

Image result for swatches of paint and brushes

Preparing to paint is very important so make sure to head over to your local paint or home improvement store and talk with an expert about brand, finish, and color options as well as the materials you will need to complete the project.

2. Organizing your closet

Hiring a professional closet company is often a dream, however, these organizing systems typically start at a couple thousand dollars and can increase exponentially depending on what you are looking for. This is a great investment if you are planning to stay put for the long-run, however, in the meantime there are some easy changes that can change the aesthetic and functionality of your closet. You can buy kits at home improvement stores that can be self-installed or have no installation needed at allDIY Organização de armário: coloque em caixas plásticas os sapatos que menos usa e as roupas que não são da estação atual. Guarde-os na parte de cima do guarda-roupas para facilitar a arrumação e escolha das roupas no dia-a-dia.

3. Updating your kitchen and bathroom hardware

This is easily one of my favorite and most underrated changes in a home. New homeowners often overlook hardware as a way to modernize an outdated or bland kitchen and bathroom. There are endless possibilities from a traditional, modern or whimsical look to the finish on the hardware such as bronze, gold, and brushed nickel. Shopping for these accessories online often yields a larger selection, however, make sure to check the size that you need before purchasing

Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron Cabinets

4. Sprucing up your front entry

Curb appeal is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of the home (at least the exterior) because it generates your homes first opinion from guests and neighbors. Painting the entire exterior of your home is astronomically expensive depending on the size of your home which is why painting your front door can be a great alternative. Installing a new mailbox and house numbers are both a functional and aesthetic upgrade. Lastly, planting fresh flowers or creating a flower bed can make your front entrance more invitingWhether your front door is drab, dated, or downright unwelcoming, you can change its look—and re-energize the soul of the space—with a few simple but artful changes. Paint, hardware, and decor can be combined to give you limitless options for your own front door makeover.

5. Installing molding

Installing crown molding to a room or multiple rooms can transform a room by adding character without breaking the bank or taking too much time. In addition to installing molding along the ceilings and baseboards, you can create custom looks using molding in other spaces like chair rail in the dining room to frame out wainscotingBrooklyn Two Piece Applied Door Moulding Kit | Etsy

6. Changing faucets and shower heads

You will typically see gold fixtures in older homes considering that was the trend in the 80’s. There is no experience required to change a faucet, however, home improvement stores will provide step-by-step instructions on how to change out a faucet.

7. Adding garage shelving & organizers

A garage’s can be used for a variety of things. It can be used for parking vehicles, storage, organization, or transformed into a living space. No matter the use, how you store the items in your garage makes a significant difference in your total storage space. Just like closets, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a custom system when you can create your own organizers. A couple of plastic shelving units and outdoor storage bins give more space to utilize in the garage. In addition, adding a peg board with hooks can be a great way to display tools or store sporting equipment on the garage tool storage

8. Replace light fixtures

Swapping out an outdated chandelier for a modern or abstract light fixture can improve the look and feel of a room. It can also tie together multiple spaces in an open concept floor plan. Pendant lighting is another great option to install over a bar top or island in the kitchen. Installation is simple, but make sure you turn the electricity off before working! 

Replace Light Fixtures | Renovations To Make In The Winter

Adding these few simple touches to your house is easy and makes a huge difference in the overall appearance of your home!

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