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    Curb Side Appeal

    Your home’s curb appeal makes a great first impression; everyone-including potential homebuyers- will want to see what’s inside. For this week’s blog I’m going to show you three simple and overall inexpensive curb appeal improvements that you can do.

    A really easy way to completely change the feel of your home is by spending a little time and effort on the entranceway. By giving your door a fresh coat of paint in a fun new color, you’ve automatically made sure that all eyes focus on your home. Your front entrance way is the focal point of your home’s curb appeal so making a statement by giving your door a pop of color is going to draw people’s eyes. Also make sure you’ve cleaned off all doorknobs and add a bit of polish to any metal fixtures framing your door or in your entranceway to give it a nice shine. Lastly, your door entry way should somewhat reflex or tie into your homes interior so put a wreath or create a fun little sitting area that reflects your own personal style, maybe add an inviting porch swing into the mix. By doing these simple and low-cost tasks you’ve already increased the chances of people’s eyes being drawn to your home.

    White your entrance way is the focal point of your home adding some lights around your house to draw that attention inward is another way to increase you home’s curb appeal as well as adding some safety and security. A well-lit yard and illuminated doorway not only improves to overall look of your home, but by adding some low-voltage landscape lighting, you can automatically deter any potential intruders from targeting your home; it’s a two-for-one deal! When playing around with the idea of adding some landscape lighting, think about the major focal points of your house, the entranceway and the walkway. For your entranceway you want to make sure that you have some nice quality uplights to highlight any architectural features that are unique to your home. While for driveways and walkways, you’ll want to keep the lights minimalistic and simplistic so to not draw away from the entrance way but at the same time still enhances the overall look you’re trying to achieve.

    While light fixtures can be a little more on the expensive side depending on which ones you choose, they’re well worth the effort and time put into them. But they don’t have to be, with a little digging and talking to your local electronic and home improvement stores, there are tons of options for people on a fixed budget! But say improving your lighting isn’t on your “DIY list” for home improvements; I’ve got one more idea for you. Let’s talk mailboxes for a minute, everyone has them, everyone uses them, but not many people have mailboxes that stand out. Think about it, most mailboxes are very similar, either brick surrounds them or they’re just sticking out of the ground metal and bare. By improving your mailbox, you’re guaranteed to stand out in a sea of brick and iron. Improvements can be anything from a fresh coat of paint, to a lovely potted plat holder with an array of flowers next to it. I saw one the other day that had a post with one of those hooks to suspend plants from the air next to it, both the mailbox and post were painted the same color and it looks absolutely adorable. Maybe not ‘absolutely adorable’ isn’t the look you’re going for but you get it idea, you’re only limited by your creativity-and your HOA.

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