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    Make The Next Move: From the MLB to the MLS

    By Evan Crawford | February 14, 2021

    How A Career In Major League Baseball Helped Launch A Successful Real Estate Business Hello, my name is Evan Crawford and I have the best job in the world. Let me rephrase that, I have the best job in the world….for me. As much as I do believe everyone would love this job, for me,... Read More

    Is Land the Right Investment for Me?

    By Megan Lacy | May 18, 2020

    “Is land a good investment?” … This is the question we get just as much as, or even more than, “should I rent or purchase?” This is the question we are seeing much more often as less and less land hits our MLS system. So, what’s happening to the land values and why does it... Read More

    Renting Vs. Buying (The Big Question)

    By Megan Lacy | May 7, 2020

    Ok, so this question has crossed your mind at least once before, right? No? Liar!! It’s a great question. Every decision we face, especially financially speaking, should be taken into serious consideration. How will this affect my future, my family’s future, our goals, our needs, our vision?…..and so on. (I could come up with a... Read More

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