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    Caring About Caravans

    In the real estate business there’s a bunch of terminology that one needs to become accustom too if you’re going to become involved within this business. Hopefully by the end of this blog you’ll understand the meaning of the word ‘caravan’ and its process. A caravan refers to a specific method that some listing agents will use to show a home. This involves inviting other real estate agents into a home, with you possibly being one of a series of other homes being shown, while allowing the other agents to take a tour and make notes of the property. Caravans attract buyer agents that might have a specific buyer in mind when viewing your listing. If that buyer agent has a specific buyer in mind, they can mention it to their client and possibly set up a private viewing of the property.

    You’re probably asking ‘what are the benefits of having a caravan instead of an open house?’ That’s simple; you need both to get your house sold. Not only should you have open houses, but you should also have caravans too! Open houses are pretty explanatory when it comes to showing your listed house, but caravans open up a new door of opportunities for everyone. Most of the caravans that the Keller Williams community hosts are food related, which brings in more people-who doesn’t enjoy free food? The Crawford-Willis Group is no different; this past caravan was catered in by the deliciously southern ‘Chicken Salad Chick’ and viewed a beautiful property off North Camden Court. The caravan lasts only a couple of hours and give the buyer agents an opportunity to not only have stimulating conversation about the market-and possibly put out listing feelers-but to enjoy a nice lunch and tour a house that might check-off their client’s “list”. You know the “list” that I’m talking about and it’s not a “Honey Do List”, it’s a list of things that you imagine having inside your next home. After the buyer agent has seen all that they want to see of the house, and had a little snack, the listing agent hosting the event will ask the buyer agent to take a moment and make a couple of notes about the house. This is not only for the benefit of the buyer but also for the listing agent to know. They need to know what improvements need to be made on the house (e.g. price is too high, de-cluttering, cleaning, or possibly upgrading certain appliances) and what are the best things about the house (e.g. priced well, curb appeal, large backyard, open floor planning, master bedroom downstairs). Once everything on the list has been reevaluated and adjusted, the houses aren’t on the market much longer. Caravans are a huge part of the real estate business and I’m sure most buyer agents go to these events but if not…you need too, it’s very beneficial and gets your face and name out there in the market as well!

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