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    A walk in the Park

    I’m really excited to write this blog today everyone, it’s about parks and non-profits! If you haven’t had a moment to check out my bio, I’m all about parks and non-profit work! To me, especially during this time of the year, there is nothing better then a crisp fall morning, while walking with my dog and being very A-typical while drinking a pumpkin spiced latte. Seasonal day dreaming aside, everything within this blog is going to be about the outdoors and what’s coming for the Auburn community. To kick it off, I’m going to ask each and every one of you to check out C/W Group’s non-profit Facebook page called Mission: Outdoor Recreation. This non-profit was created by our very own Evan Crawford and Matthew Willis; they formed it with one mission in mind; to give back to the Auburn community. They’ve teamed up with Auburn’s Parks and Rec. in an effort to help clean, build, revitalize, restore, maintain, and recreate the beauty of Auburn’s outdoor spaces and parks. They’ve done everything from themed kickball tournaments to fairs at local schools. These guys are really passionate about their community and that’s why they’ve teamed up with Auburn’s Parks and Rec.

    Recently, our boys have been in meetings with the Parks and Rec. team about a huge project that should begin the engineering process sometime next year! The park in question for this reCREATION-I’m all about puns-would be the Town Creek Park on S Gay Street that’s also close to E University. This park by itself is a beautiful and peaceful place to walk in; I’ve frequented this establishment many times with my puppy…and my pumpkin spiced latte. But, this specific reconstruction of Town Creek Park is just as exciting as the park is itself! For this park, Auburn’s Park and Rec. have decided that they’re going to be creating an area within the park for children with both physical and cognitive disabilities. So, within this newly reconstructed park, children with a different variety of disabilities will have easy access to having a fun day outside with their friends and family. On top of that huge project, it’s within Auburn’s budget to create a closer dog park! That’s right everyone a dog park; which if you haven’t guessed by now, I’m slightly obsessed with my dog and love to go on walks with him. The location of this park will be off of Glenn Ave and behind the old Winn-Dixie. It’s currently overgrown with trees and foliage but within the next year, Auburn’s Parks an Rec. will being the beautification process to create a new and local dog park within our Auburn community. So I’m incredibly excited for this new addition and I can’t wait to keep everyone updated on it, so keep an eye out! There are many special events happening within our Auburn community and here at the C/W Group we are so excited to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on. Please keep a look out for our next week’s blog! Cheers readers!


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